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HP Technology Services Experts Web Campaign

Align online presence of HP Technology Services to brand positioning, "bringing the humanity to technology solutions" for B2B consulting by creating an online sweepstakes website and Facebook application.

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Provide greater understanding of HP Technology Services and raise the profile of HP subject matter experts to align with brand positioning “bringing humanity to technology solutions” and consulting in a B2B market.


Create an online sweepstakes website leveraging previously created video assets to garner engagement. The videos feature six of 21 experts’ abbreviated profiles with videos.

The sweepstakes required users to vote for their favorite HP technology experts while encouraging them to learn about HP’s consulting services.

Facebook app, Social media strategy and targeted online advertising create buzz and generate traffic to the microsite.


Discovery & Scoping 

Managed onsite and offsite resources from concept to launch creating project plans, briefs and assessing  estimates for offshore resources. Scheduled meetings to help manage timely client feedback.

Strategy & Research 

Conducted secondary research on contests/sweepstakes engagement to draft a strategy brief for benchmarking. With client approval I drafted sweepstakes guidelines for contest vendor. 

I curated video roughs for editing and wrote the copy for the sweepstakes.

User Experience 

UX deliverables included user flows for both the sweepstakes and Facebook application. For the sweepstakes site a site map and annotated wireframes for pre and post-launch were also delivered. 

Visual Design & Development 

I oversaw the visual design and development as a brand guardian and project manager, presenting deliverables for client sign off.

Facebook Application

My role on the IT Personality Quiz continued to span project management, strategy and user experience design. Based on proprietary CIO research provided by HP, I segmented the target audiences, created target customer profiles and mapped the personalities back to the experts featured in the sweepstakes.

In addition, I wrote the copy for the quiz and created a point system to categorize quiz participants to drive users back to relevant experts.


We monitored traffic and created weekly reports tracking onsite engagement as well as traffic sources. To increase qualified leads we recommended targeted LinkedIn advertising. The client managed the advertising engagement while we delivered the creative.


hp_quiz_LIN_banner ad.jpg


Charitable Contribution
Met target charitable gift based on user engagement

Client Reception
Client lead received promotion and was a featured speaker for an internal HP conference


Surpassed voting engagement goal by 827.6% (Goal: 10,000; Actual: 82,761)

Sweepstakes Engagement & Coverage
82,000 Votes
$100,000 raised for CARE
6 pages per visit (avg)
38% of site visitors returning
10 unique blog posts & 19 advisory reposting

Facebook Application Quiz
2,127 Participants
200% increase in rate of "Like" acquisition
113 Tweets
45 Facebook shares
11 Digg's